Assemblies & Mobile Splash Lab

*Partial funding from the state Department of Water Resources

*School-Wide Assemblies (Grades K-6)

The Water Authority is pleased to continue sponsoring assembly programs by “Shows That Teach” – specializing in performances which educate and motivate elementary school students.  When selecting one of our free school-wide assemblies, please choose the theatre program that corresponds with the number of students at your school. We are only able to provide one school-wide assembly per school, per year.

Assembly Program No.1: H2O, Where Did You Go? (Requires student enrollment of at least 500.)

(Grades K-6) A musical assembly about water science

This exhilarating musical theatre-style performance focuses on the journey of water and why it is a natural resource that should be protected. While emphasizing water conservation, the show intertwines comedy and music to teach students about the water cycle, states of matter and other water facts. Each teacher will receive materials that reinforce concepts presented in the assembly. This school assembly will keep your K-6 students engaged for 45 minutes.

Concepts featured in this show:

• The journey of water
• How tap water gets to your home
• Aquifers and watersheds
• Water conservation

Click on video below to preview the show.

LOCATION: At your school

COST: FREE for your school

PLEASE NOTE: The Minimum student enrollment for “H2O, Where Did You Go” assembly is 500 (split between two shows).

Assembly Program No.2: Waterology (Requires student enrollment between 200 and 500 students. Schools with fewer than 200 students do not qualify.)


Waterology” is an energetic musical show about water science, water runoff and water conservation for grades K-6. Audiences are involved with songs, competitions, call-and-response skits and comedy that make this one-person show memorable. Key phrases are translated into Spanish. The show also educates students about aquifers, water pollution caused by runoff into storm drains and the value of water.

Concepts featured in this show:

• A new watershed/storm drain model
• The water cycle
• Water is vital for living things
• What "conserve" means
• Three states of matter
• How water gets to our homes
• Gravity's effect on water

Click on video below to preview the show.

LOCATION: At your school

COST: FREE for your school.

NOTE: This show requires student attendance of 250 to 500 (between two shows). Schools with student enrollment under 200 do not qualify.

TO SCHEDULE EITHER ASSEMBLY PROGRAM: Please submit your request at If you have questions, please email

*Splash Science Mobile Lab

(Grades 4-6 A field trip that comes to your school)

The Splash Lab is a completely self-contained mobile lab that provides students with hands-on science experience at your school, it includes:

• A new watershed/storm drain model
• State-of-the-art GIS computer stations
• A water conservation station
• A San Diego estuary station
• Microscopes with video projection
• Chemistry experiments
• Cooperative learning skills

Students in grades 4 to 6 investigate how water pollution affects the environment and wildlife, and they learn why it is important to conserve water. The Splash Science Mobile Lab is aligned with the California Science Content Standards and Environmental Education Principles and Concepts. Participating classes will receive sets of student workbooks and a DVD developed specifically for this program which includes pre- and post-activities. Click here to learn more about the Splash Lab.

LOCATION: At your school

COST: $725 paid to the San Diego County Office of Education. Check with your local water agency for possible assistance with funding.

TO SCHEDULE: Call the San Diego County Office of Education at (619) 491-3180.